Lot 93 (#327/2019 Galeriile Artmark). The signature, the pencil, the sharpener, the eraser are not by Ion Bitzan (1924-1997). This information will be included in the Bitzan’ s catalogue raisonne.


Artmark, the auction-house in Bucharest, Romania, in its auction of November 21st, 2018 listed „Historia Naturalis” as „signed IB, dated (19)93” and attributed it to „Ion Bițan” (sic). We notified Artmark that there are doubts regarding their attribution, they went ahead with the sale nevertheless. I shall add this work to the database only after a thorough expertise.


Solo show at Plan B Gallery Berlin.


Represented by Plan-B Gallery at Art Basel, Basel 2018

Pictured: 16 works from the series Inseparabile, created between 1969 and 1971


A work by Ion Bitzan was presented at Frieze New York 2018

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A Ion Bitzan Retrospective at the National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest

Cu un corpus impresionant de lucrări ce pot fi asimilate în linii mari conceptualismului și minimalismului internațional, Ion Bitzan aparține unei generații de mari talente care s-au manifestat în scurta perioadă de dezgheț a culturii românești, aproximativ între 1962 și 1974. Cariera lui a fost distinsă prin participări la cele mai importante bienale ale vremii, iar lucrările sale se află în colecțiile unor instituții prestigioase precum MoMA, Kunsthalle Hamburg, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.Curatorul Călin Dan prezintă expoziția Prizonierii Avangardei, o retrospectivă care pune accentul pe dualitatea cu care artistul a reușit să se plaseze atât în avangarda artei internaționale a vremurilor, dar și în țară, ca artist și portretist oficial al regimului Nicolae Ceaușescu.De acum, poți să ne urmărești și pe YouTube: Expoziția Prizonierii Avangardei. O retrospectivă Ion Bitzan poate fi vizitată la etajul 1 al muzeului până pe 27 mai 2018. [Credit video: Black Horse Mansion]


With an impressive corpus of work that can be ascribed to international conceptual-ism and minimalism, Ion Bitzan belongs to a generation of great talents that manifested in a brief period of détente for Romanian culture, approximately between 1962 and 1974. His career was highlighted by participations in the most important international biennials of the time and his works are in the collections of prestigious institutions like the MoMA, Kunsthalle Hamburg, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.Curator Călin Dan presents The Prisoners of the Avant-Garde exhibition, a retrospective that puts an accent on the duality the artist managed to place himself both in the interna-tional avant-garde of his time, as well as to the forefront of Romanian art, as an official artist and portraitist of the totalitarian communist regime.You can now follow us on YouTube: The The Prisoners of the Avant-Garde. A Ion Bitzan Retrospective exhibition can be visited on the 1st floor of MNAC Bucharest through May 27, 2018.[Video credit: Black Horse Mansion]

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Photography and Dynamic Image Department UNarte Bucharest

Irina Bitzan, director of the Ion Bitzan Foundation, is invited by the Photography and Dynamic Image Department of the National University of Arts Bucharest to give a presentation, on Wednesday November 22nd, from 16:00. She will share some of her experience and challenges in managing the Ion Bitzan estate – from identifying and tracking the works to building a catalogue raisonné. The presentation is organized in the frame of the MD course „Visual and Creativity in Contemporary Art”, lecturer Irina Cios.

The presentation is also an invitation for the art students to find out more on Ion Bitzan’s work, as his first retrospective exhibition will open in the National Museum of Contemporary Art, 1st floor, on Thursday, November 23, at 19:00. The show brings together works from Ion Bitzan estate, public and private collections (on view until 1.04.2018).



Exhibition Bitzan carte – obiect ’79-’97, curated by Mihai Zgondoiu, Biblioteca Centrala Universitara Bucharest.


2016, Ion Bitzan Foundation is legally incorporated

Since Ion Bitzan’s passing in 1997, we – Irina Bitzan, his daughter, and Viky Bitzan, his wife – have assumed the management of the artist’s estate.

His studio of 30 years had to be vacated and works had to be put in storage. We have then managed the large number of loans for exhibitions both in Romania and abroad.

Ion Bitzan’s wish was for his daughter to locate, sort and organize his work and put together a Catalogue Raisonné. This systematized body of work should also be an open resource for research and education to future generations of artists, curators, critics, scholars and collectors.

Despite great efforts of his own, Ion Bitzan had found it impossible to recover a large number of his own works not returned to him by various galleries which had loaned and/or exhibited them. He entrusted Irina Bitzan with the task of locating, cataloguing and reintegrating them into the Bitzan Estate.

The Ion Bitzan Foundation was legally incorporated in March 2016. It is registered in The Hague, Netherlands (KvK nummer 65587332, RSIN nummer 856173836).


Participation at Vienna Biennale, 2015

Five works participated at the exhibition ‘Mapping Bucharest Art, Memory, and Revolution 1916-2016’, Vienna Biennale, 2015.



Interview Peter Jacobi, conducted by Oana Tanase